Welcome Assis. Prof. Ramanpreet Singh ​from Manipal University Jaipur, India to be Committee Member!

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Assis. Prof. Ramanpreet Singh, Manipal University Jaipur, India

Research Area: 

Mechanism Synthesis, Optimization, Biomechanics

Research Experience:

Dr. Ramanpreet Singh was trained in the development of mechanisms for lower limb orthotic devices. Now, he is particularly interested in learning the techniques for synthesizing spatial or adjustable mechanisms for active rehabilitation devices.
Dr. Ramanpreet Singh introduced new techniques to synthesize the linkages for knee joint supporting devices and proposed several constraints to eliminate defects during synthesis. Based on the defect-free synthesis technique, he designed four- and six-bar linkages for knee supporting devices. In addition, he developed the supporting device followed by validation. Besides, he proposed a new gait-inspired algorithm and a hybrid optimization algorithm to synthesize the linkages for path generation. These efforts with support from MHRD funded scholarship allowed him to contribute good number of papers to date.